Mixing Balance Tank


At Brisbane Tank Manufacturing we offer custom made balance tank manufacturing  in a wide range of sizes which can be engineered according to your needs which are used in a variety of industries; food, dairy, brewery, pharmaceutical and chemical. 

Our balancing tanks are single walled and the storage capacity varies between 100 litres to 1000 litres. The balance tank is ideal for use as an extra storage container for water, oil, diesel, chemicals or as a pump housing chamber. 

Typically balance tanks are supplied with either side pipe or center pipe plus you can also choose between a closed and an open top. An access screw cap is located on the top of the tank.

We expertly design, manufacture, install and maintain all tanks so we offer that complete one stop solution.  Our customers turn to us repeatedly because of our breadth of expert service and the total supply and management package.  


One of our biggest advantages is the fact that not only do we design and install industry specified tanks; we also have trained and qualified technicians to maintain your plant and equipment. 

Features of our custom built tanks are;

  • Float assemblies
  • Steam injection for CIP
  • Sloping bottom
  • Vortex breakers

With countless parts to ensure complete satisfaction, we’re continuously assessing and evaluating every component of the job to ensure complete customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies. 

Our technical expertise and innovative products can provide practical solutions for all your requirements so when you want timely quotes, consulting services, precision engineering, efficient design and professional installation call on Brisbane Tank Manufacturing to get the job done right.

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