• We provide you with a clear insight of the accurate configuration settings of your tanks to maximise its function and impact to your operations.
  • You are assured of the durability and integrity of your storage container as approved by local regulation and relevant Australian standards and codes.
  • You can avoid costly decontamination through our regular inspection, audit and calibration services.

Brisbane Tank Manufacturing designs, manufactures, supplies and installs both small and large stainless steel storage tanks that will cater to all kinds of storage requirements suitable for dairy, food and beverage, brewery, hospitality, mining, pharmaceutical, industrial and chemical industries.

Each storage chamber reflects the most stringent and most current Australian standards for all types of high grade stainless steel combined with the welding capabilities of TIG, MIG, ARC, and Oxy Acetylene. Whatever configurations you need – single skin or insulated as well as vertical or horizontal – we can provide you with the highest quality systems that have CIP/CIL suitability and can hold up to 100,000 litres.


  • Each containment project is independently engineer-certified and conforms to all the required Australian Standards.
  • Each storage container can be fit to any specific and unique requirements - without restrictions to size or usage.
  • Our storage tanks are ruggedly designed for use in the harsh climatic conditions found in Australia.
  • Our unique and innovative design allows our engineer-certified products to be transported to nearly any location imaginable.
  • All products reflect the highest level of quality, service and durability while staying within the budget and deadline of the project


Our commitment to quality of design, cost-effective installation, on-time completion, and warranty of product makes us a force to be reckoned with amidst the goliath of companies in this market.

Brisbane Tank Manufacturing has an extensive range of storage tank systems to provide you with access to safe and reliable storage of a wide range of solids, liquids and other substances for applications such as:

  • Food, Dairy & Breweries
  • Chemical Storage Systems
  • Wastewater
  • Water Treatment Systems
  • Dry Bulk Storage
  • Agricultural Fertiliser
  • Fire Protection
  • Fuel Terminals
  • Underground Fuel and Petroleum Products
  • Commercials Storage Solutions
  • Industrial Water Storage
  • Mining Industry
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Building Services
  • Rural Water

Brisbane Tank Manufacturing custom build storage tank solutions are designed and built to the exact performance your industry demands.  

Trade expertise is what we’re known for so get in contact today to find out more.