50000L Tallow steam jacketed storage tank


Brisbane Tank Manufacturing specialises in the:

  • Design and fabrication of stainless steel and carbon steel fuel storage tanks 
  • Ensures all custom built fuel tanks are all documented to AS1210, AS1692 and API standards
  • As guardians of our environment we’re committed to following strict government guidelines for the manufacturing, installation and operation of fuel storage tanks
We have two key targets to meet:
  • Ensure complete satistication 
  • Meet all strict government guidelines and regulations

If it goes wrong and a leak happens we know this is catastrophic to our environment and we take our responsibilities extremely seriously.  That’s why we only use our most highly qualified technicians to work on such vital customer build fuel tank projects. 

As your fuel tank manufacturers, installers and maintenance operators our team design and construct tanks for all industries to meet the industry standard  to the highest quality. 


We can design and construct your fuel tank in any configuration and in any size required. We also offer a full range of fuel tank accessories from valves and unions to fuel pump equipment to side entry and top entry manways. 

Our fuel storage tanks meet all safety requirements for primary and secondary containment, leak monitoring, spill containment and overfill protection. Each one of our tanks is exhaustively quality tested at the factory before shipment to its destination. 

Brisbane Tank Manufacturing  fuel storage tanks are used in various industries such as

  • PetroChemical
  • Aviation
  • Automotive
  • Mining and Earthmoving

Our reputation speaks volumes and we stand behind every single one of tanks to do the job it’s meant to do. 

More stringent regulations are always on the horizon; but with a Brisbane Tank Manufacturing fuel storage tank, the need for upgrading is greatly reduced while operating costs are substantially lower than other products available in the market. 

Looking at the diverse needs of the industry, Brisbane Tank Manufacturing has expanded its product line to include tank sizes ranging from 1 litre to 150,000 litres.

Our custom built fuel storage tanks features are:

  • Fuel trailers
  • Cubes self bunded
  • Self bunded fire rated tanks
  • Self bunded tanks - containerised - Liquiltainer
  • Baffles internally

Every single fuel tank is independently tested to ensure on site performance before they leave our premises. Every custom built tank is shipped as a final finished product which greatly reduces the need for major on-site work. It’s a key focus at Brisbane Tank Manufacturing that we’re adding value and further efficiencies for your operations.  

Call us today for the expert design, installation and maintenance of your fuel storage tanks.