20000L Fermenters


Safety is one of the highest priorities at Brisbane Tank Manufacturing.

At Brisbane Tank manufacturing, pressure tanks and heat exchangers are designed, engineered and manufactured by teams of experienced and dedicated professionals. Brisbane Tank manufacturing has the equipment to efficiently fabricate high quality pressure vessels and tanks. All of these pressure vessels and heat exchangers are made to meet AS1210, AS1692, ASME and API standards.

Our expert team specialises in the design and fabrication of:
  • Stainless steel pressure vessels
  • Carbon steel pressure vessels
  • Shell and tube heat exchangers

At Brisbane Tank manufacturing, we offer our clients a wide range of pressure vessels which are offered in varied styles, shapes and sizes. We have the capability to design and construct tailor made pressure vessels to any format being horizontal or vertical and volume you require, with a full range of valves, unions, flanges, top entry manways, side entry manways, CIP systems and dimple plate/cavity plate.  Our total solutions approach allows for greater streamlining and efficiencies because we understand every single component requirement from concept to install and maintenance.


Our qualified and professional experience, expertise and knowledge in this field, assures highest possible manufacturing quality, attention to detail and methodical documentation for our clients. 

Some of the primary industry marketplaces that Brisbane Tank manufacturing serves are; 

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Water treatment
  • Refrigeration
  • Mining
  • Brewery
  • Food 
  • Dairy

We provide essential maintenance services to ensure your plant and equipment is running safely and efficiently. We can manage your maintenance programme and our in-house team will work around your operational requirements so maintenance works with you; not against you.  We know time is money and that’s why we take a more personal timely approach for your maintenance needs.

We’re dedicated to providing you with equipment which is durable, cost-effective and long-lasting. Our engineering experts are efficient and are all set to meet your application requirements at the same time ensuring performance and safety. Whatever the application may be, our pressure vessels can be designed to fit the required specifications. 

Trade expertise is what we’re known for so get in contact today to find out more.