Everything happens here at Brisbane Tank Manufacturing and our advanced approach drives efficiencies from concept right through to end product and installation.  

The role of our drafting and engineering team is to use the latest in design technology using sophisticated systems; Design Suite Ultimate and Autocad.  With a somewhat pioneering spirit running through our blood at Brisbane Tank Manufacturing we have our finger on the pulse of technology systems as well as top quality tank manufacturing. The focus is to use the tools and trade experience throughout all our fabricating projects which is the most smartest and cost effective approach for all our clients. 

The role of our expert engineering team is to make the project come to life right through to certification.  We can literally work on any configuration and size tank or vessel because of the quality of our expert team and not only that; our passion for doing the best job possible. 

We use state of the art equipment such as our new “toy” the CNC ART Plasma cutter which has the diverse capability to cut from 0.5mm thick sheet metal all the way up to 32mm thick plate. We can cut all types of stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium and many other exotic steels.

We have the complete suite of tools and equipment that allows us the tremendous scope to do what we do best - manufacture high quality storage tanks and other steel fabrication products. We’ve taken great pains to ensure our equipment runs smoothly and efficiently because we understand time is money and that allows us to offer a wide range of customising options.  We can handle any request because we have an incredibly diverse and expert team plus the gear to get the small and big jobs done.  

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