Frac Tanks Designed & Manufactured By Our Best

Tank manufacturing is a crucial industry that plays a significant role in various sectors, particularly in the gas and energy industries. One specific type of tank, known as a frac tank, is commonly used for hydraulic fracturing or fracing of wells. These tanks are designed to store liquids such as run-off water and liquid waste products. With their high-quality construction, frac tanks provide reliable storage solutions for a range of applications.

We specialise in the manufacturing of custom-built frac tanks that are meticulously engineered and fabricated to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our tanks are not only highly efficient, but they also incorporate innovative features that allow for easy and complete drainage without the requirement of sloping the tank. This ensures maximum convenience and effectiveness for our customers.

Tank manufacturing involves creating custom-made tanks with smooth lined inner walls to prevent the buildup of material and facilitate easier drainage. These tanks are versatile and can be used for various purposes, such as large clean-up operations or temporary storage of water or other liquids.

Why Use Us?

Our tank manufacturing process ensures that our tanks are built to be strong, durable, and cost-effective in terms of maintenance. We offer a variety of options for our tanks, including different coatings and linings based on the specific needs of our clients. To ensure the highest quality, our expert control team conducts water tests on every tank before it is delivered. Additionally, our tanks are equipped with safety features such as rails, ladders, hatches, manways, and non-slip decks to ensure maximum access and safety.

When it comes to manufacturing tanks, we prioritise quality and functionality. Our frac tanks are designed with multiple valves to make pumping operations easier and more efficient. We also prioritise safety, which is why our tanks come with built-in stairs for easy access and a safer working environment. Additionally, our tanks are equipped with two manway hatches, one at the front and another on the side, as well as an inspection hatch on the top and a fold-down ladder at the rear. To ensure optimal functionality, our tanks also feature 4 by 4" valves at the front.

In addition to manufacturing frac tanks, we offer customisation options to meet the specific needs of our customers. This includes designing and manufacturing tanks with customised inlets, outlets, drains, and vents. We can also incorporate additional features such as hoses, valves, pumps, and filters as requested by the customer.

At Brisbane Tank Manufacturing, our team of professionals is committed to providing top-quality tank manufacturing services. We offer timely quotes, consulting services, precision engineering, efficient design, and professional installation to meet all your requirements.

Whether you need a tank for industrial, commercial, or residential use, we can design and customise it to fit your specific specifications. Ready to talk tanks? Let’s talk