Taking Good Care of Your Tanks For Greater Longevity

At Brisbane Tank Manufacturing, not only are we passionate about manufacturing your tanks; we’re also top people at maintaining, repairing and servicing your tanks for greater longevity.  

If your tanks are the backbone of your operations it’s key to take the right care of your tanks so they take care of you so check out our tank maintenance services and find out more about all our strings to our bow:


Always take a preventative approach when it comes to your tank maintenance and that’s exactly what our routine inspections do.  You could say they are your first line of defence against stopping any potential issues from occurring. Get us to come and check your tanks regularly and you’re safety guarding one of your best assets because we will identify any signs that need fixing straight away. 

Cleaning and coating

To help prevent corrosion and contamination we always recommend cleaning and coating so your tanks remain in the best condition possible.  Just like your cars need a service from time to time; your tanks need one too and it saves a lot of time and money in the long run.


From time to time your tanks may need repairing due to all sorts of reasons such as wear and tear or even environmental conditions causing issues and our skilled experts here at BTM can repair and weld to give your tanks back it’s integrity and durability to last longer. 

We also offer upgrades and modifications when your needs a change and  pressure testing so we can ensure structural integrity for example is up to scratch and of course safety compliance is taken care of too. 

Why us?

It’s important to note that we’ve been in the tank manufacturing industry for decades which speaks volumes.  We very carefully and with a lot of experience on our side hand pick our team of professional designers, welders and fabricators who all provide excellent service. 

This is the key to our success; our people

We don’t take a one size fits all approach and we tailor all our tank manufacturing and tank maintenance services to fit you and your business operations. Last but not least; safety is a top priority so we follow strict protocols and standards that protect us, you and your business. 

You’re in safe hands every time with Brisbane Tank Manufacturing. Time to talk tanks? Give Tony and the team a call today