20,000L Filtration Vessels Enhance Effluent Filtration for Local Queensland Council

Given the chance to not just show off our tank manufacturing skills at Brisbane Tank Manufacturing but also our innovation talents too we jumped at the chance to work with the Queensland Council around innovative water treatment filtration vessels. 

The outcome? A big 10 out of 10 all round! 

Find out more as we take you through one of our top projects for 2023.

So working alongside our local Queensland Council we believe Brisbane Tank Manufacturing  have taken a significant stride towards a more sustainable water management system by using cutting-edge filtration technology to manufacture these three 20,000-litre filtration vessels. 

If you take a closer look these vessels really represent a pioneering approach to effluent filtration, utilising a combination of advanced design, technology, and innovative features to address water treatment challenges effectively. That’s pretty cool don’t you think!

Advanced Filtration Design

The 20,000L filtration vessels are at the forefront of water treatment technology, offering a more robust and efficient solution for the council's effluent filtration needs.

The tanks are designed to undergo multiple stages of filtration, ensuring that the treated water meets stringent quality standards before being released back into the environment.

The team at Brisbane Tank Manufacturing are always proud as punch when we create tanks that have a positive impact on our beautiful place we call home. 

Spray Nozzles and Stones - A Clever Filtration Mechanism

One of the standout features of these filtration vessels is the incorporation of over 100 strategically placed spray nozzles and stones. This clever design enhances the efficiency of the filtration process, particularly in one of the crucial stages.

Let's delve into how these components contribute to the success of the filtration system:

Spray Nozzles - Precision in Action

The spray nozzles play a pivotal role in breaking down larger particles and promoting the efficient mixing of chemicals for coagulation and flocculation (the process of breaking down and part of the dispersing the waste). Their strategic placement ensures comprehensive coverage, allowing the effluent to come into contact with the treatment agents effectively.

Stones -  Physical Filtration at its Best

The use of stones in the filtration process provides a physical barrier that helps the removal of remaining impurities. As the effluent passes through this layer of stones, solid particles are captured, which helps to cause the clarity and purity of the treated water.

Benefits of the Innovative Filtration System

Take a look a this long list of advantages we believe the Queensland Council and therefore the community will benefit from having these 20,000L filtration vessels in place: 

  • Enhanced Water Quality: This multi-stage filtration process, coupled with the intelligent use of spray nozzles and stones, ensures that the effluent undergoes thorough treatment, resulting in water that is definitely of a more superior quality

  • Sustainability and Environmental: The council's investment in this advanced filtration technology reflects a commitment to environmental sustainability. By effectively treating effluent before discharge, the local ecosystem is safeguarded from potential contaminants. That’s a big tick from us

  • Operational Efficiency: The clever design of the filtration vessels optimises the efficiency of the filtration process, reducing the time and resources required for water treatment. This in turn contributes to cost savings for the council which we hope will filter (no pun intended) to the local community too

The design and manufacturing of 20,000L filtration vessels for the local Queensland Council signifies a leap forward in water treatment technology. 

The innovative use of spray nozzles and stones showcases a commitment to excellence in facing effluent filtration challenges. We are very excited to showcase our local communities how we can continue to prioritise sustainable practices with local councils and organisations.  

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