And that’s another year nearly done! Part One

As we head towards another year almost done (where did that go by the way!) our next two end of year blogs are going to reflect on a few of our stand outs, what makes the team here at Brisbane Tank Manufacturing rock (we’re going to highlight some of our superpowers) and other mini and maxi celebrations along the way too.

Stands Outs Are Meant To Be Celebrated

We’re not too sure where to start with this one but one of our absolute standouts has to be working with the Queensland Council manufacturing their 20,000 litre filtration vessels.  

There’s something special when you know the tanks you’re designing and manufacturing are doing good for a larger community.  It’s a great feeling and that’s part of who we are at Brisbane Tank.  We think the team gets it as far as our purpose and our why is and yes, it might come dressed up in fire retardant overalls and a great beard here and there but it’s as authentic as hell that we want to do good. 

Another highlight was the 15,000 litre storage tanks for olive oil.  When it’s your job to ensure consumable products are stored safely and hygienically too we’re proud as Christmas punch to say we tick all those boxes.  We know whoever gets to taste and enjoy these products is going to love them. 

Hats Off To Our Heroes & Heroines

We have a lot of heroes and heroines here at BTM so this year we want to talk about what their superpowers are (you know who you are team!)

Compassion: It’s a privilege when you sit in a room of experts; consultants, designers, fabricators, administrators and more and you see there is real compassion there for our clients and fellow team members.  You can see their faces light up when discussing a new project and what is required and that’s where they show real compassion because they are always dedicated to delivering a top product.  It’s really humbling.

Dedication: Every project has its variables and every project has its challenges; but our team have the superpower of absolute dedication and commitment to see a top job through and then some.  They think outside the box and not just once; but on multiple projects.  They dig a bit deeper in their communications to ensure they have collected the right information from the minute we pick up the phone or take an email.  It’s this absolute eye for detail across multiple tasks that gives our team a cape or two!

At Brisbane Tank Manufacturing reflecting over the last 12 months; it’s safe to say we are continuing to learn, grow and develop alongside our team and our clients.  It’s the best thing ever to continuously evolve and improve.  One things for sure - we couldn’t have a better tribe to do it with! Thanks for a great year everyone!