And that’s another year nearly done! Part Two

Reflecting on all the other things we do here at Brisbane Tank Manufacturing, reminds us to highlight our installation and maintenance services too.  You can’t forget how important it is to get the final stages absolutely right when it comes to transporting and installing our tanks and this is always done with kid gloves.  

It’s a process that always takes precision and extra care because you don’t want all that hard work done in the office and the yard to go to waste so we choose our handlers very carefully and our installation team are absolute experts when it comes to the final stage.  They have years of experience and amazing communication skills too when it comes to all hands on deck. 

Spotlight on Maintenance

Because we believe in quality of product and quality of service; our maintenance crew are honed in the craft of ensuring our tanks keep on doing a great job.  This crew has the responsibility of getting the absolute optimum performance from our tanks whether it’s a welding job or a lining job; you can guarantee your tanks will last longer and keep on doing an excellent job.

Capes Off To Our Team

So what other superpowers do we need to highlight about our team here at BTM?

Adaptability: When it comes to fabricating our team can pretty much make anything work! Honestly when you go to them with a problem it’s like they rush into the Superman cupboard, do a few whirls and out of their heads come the solutions and you’re left standing there wishing you had thought of that. Genius! Clarke Kent eat your heart out. 

Telepathy:  No it’s  not a weird superpower at all; it’s super-cool! When we meet a client and they start to explain their vision our team spark up some awesome telepathy skills because they feed off that energy and are able to make that vision come to life. If the client hasn’t thought of something you can guarantee someone in our team will jump in with something even better.  Told you it’s cool. 

We don’t believe that just one of us has superpowers because we know that for us to continue doing what we love and delivering superior storage tanks and more; our powers have to come together and you know what; that makes it even better.

Have a safe and enjoyable Christmas everyone from our amazing crew to yours.