Showcasing Brisbane Tank Manufacturing Versatility - From Stainless Steel to Mighty Mild Steel Tanks

We like to think when people are asked their opinion of Brisbane Tank Manufacturing they think of excellence and innovation; as well as a bloody great team to work with. That’s what we pride ourselves on.

While stainless steel tanks have been our forte, our recent venture into crafting mild steel tanks showcases our adaptability and commitment to meeting diverse industry needs. It’s a continuous learning process around here because industries change which means we have to keep up with the latest and greatest methods, process and materials. It’s cool!

Among our latest accomplishments is the construction of a robust 65,000L mild steel tank, a proud addition to a trio of bitumen storage tanks, meticulously engineered to adhere to American standards API650 and Australian standards AS1692. The culmination of our expertise and dedication has resulted in the delivery of exceptional tanks, much to the delight of our valued clients.

Unveiling Our Mastery in Mild Steel Tanks

At Brisbane Tank Manufacturing we take pride in our ability to excel in various materials, and our foray into mild steel tank fabrication showcases this versatility. 

While stainless steel remains a cornerstone of our offerings, our adept team has seamlessly transitioned to crafting high-quality mild steel tanks. This 65,000L tank, designed for bitumen storage, stands as a testament to our expertise in working with diverse materials and catering to specialised requirements.

Meeting Stringent Standards: API650 and AS1692 Compliance

Crafting tanks that meet rigorous industry standards is non-negotiable for us at BTM.

For this project, adhering to both American standards API650 and Australian standards AS1692 was really important. Our team followed every guideline and specification, ensuring that the tank not only meets but exceeds regulatory requirements. 

By aligning with these standards, we guarantee the utmost safety, durability, and reliability of our tanks, providing our clients with peace of mind and confidence in our products.

Delighted Clients, Outstanding Craftsmanship

Customer satisfaction lies at the heart of everything we do at Brisbane Tank Manufacturing. 

We are thrilled to have delivered yet another successful project leaving our clients delighted with the outcome. 

Our experienced team, backed by years of expertise and a commitment to excellence, ensured that every aspect of the tanks construction was executed flawlessly. From the initial design phase to the meticulous fabrication process and the final paint job, attention to detail was our guiding principle. 

The images showcasing the tanks transformation from raw construction to its pristine painted finish pretty much shows off that we’re dedicated to delivering tanks nothing short of perfection.

The Before and After

The journey of transforming raw materials into a finely crafted tank is a sight to behold. 

At Brisbane Tanks we’re committed to excellence. It’s that simple.  Yes, our industry demands it but we believe we take it more than one step forward.  

From the start of every project we ensure we have the right people in place to get the exact results we’re asked to produce. 

Our venture into mild steel tank manufacturing demonstrates our versatility and dedication to meeting diverse industry needs. As we continue to push the boundaries of innovation and excellence, Brisbane Tank Manufacturing are all about meeting the unique needs and specifications for everyone of our valued clients.  Time to talk tanks? We’re here when you are.