Vertical Diesel Fuel Storage Tank for Fulton Hogan

As Brisbane Tank Manufacturing Pty Ltd. continues its commitment to produce high quality storage tanks with the highest standard and high quality designs, it has again expanded its client base with the addition of Fulton Hogan.

Fulton Hogan is known to create and connect communities. They build homes, roads, ports, airports. They have built communities literally from the ground up.

They are also known for their spray seal technology that is important in the rehabilitation of road networks. Fulton Hogan’s Gladstone asphalt production and its laying team are based in Red Rover Road. They are part of the Queensland Government’s Operation Queenslander, fixing infrastructure and communities affected by floods and cyclones. Their role in the project included the reconstruction of sections of Bruce Highway between Benaraby and Rockhampton.

With growing opportunities, communities, increasing projects and business activities in the area of Gladstone, Fulton Hogan have recently upgraded their asphalt plant.

The Job

Brisbane Tank Manufacturing won the bid to manufacture a Vertical Diesel Fuel Storage Tank for Fulton Hogan after submitting a design according to the specifications. They were given 10 weeks to fabricate and manufacture the tank. Fulton Hogan was looking to add to their fuel farm (fuel storage tanks) up in the Gladstone plant to help increase the volume of supply of diesel fuel for their equipment in building roads and for other necessities.

The Process for the Diesel Fuel Storage Tank

Driven by a continued commitment to produce high quality storage tanks, every tank fabricated at Brisbane Tank Manufacturing adheres to strict quality control and constraints in accordance with strict standards. The tanks are built to AS1692 2006 version, Class 5 (combustible liquids) and UL150 specifications.

Brisbane Tank Manufacturing provides all sorts of tanks for all kinds of applications and is known for innovative designs. The tanks are designed in-house and certified by engineers. For Fulton Hogan, this meant building a Vertical Diesel Fuel Storage Tank that has corrugation on half of the tank to make it safer. The tanks are inspected and independently tested to make sure of quality control and proper compliance to the strict codes.

Building period

The whole process took less than the 10 weeks allotted for the project. The manufacture and construction of the tank took 4 weeks. The design and certification of the tank took about 2 weeks. The external painting of the tank only took a week.


While Fulton Hogan decided to install the tank themselves, Brisbane Tank Manufacturing could also install the fuel tank if requested. Brisbane Tank Manufacturing is a specialist in the installation of plants, equipment, and fuel storage tanks with compliance to local standards and has a highly experienced crew with expertise in installation services.

We at Brisbane Tank Manufacturing promptly meet all your requirements with timely quotes, consulting services, precision engineering, efficient design and professional installation.

Diesel Fuel Storage Tank in the Factory