Quoting A Job | Contributing Factors

Quoting a job requires experience and understanding around a range of contributing factors from raw material costs through to labour hire.

It’s part of the process that can win or lose you a job but with a good handle across the board at Brisbane Tank Manufacturing, we’ve got the know-how and can-do to get the quote done right. 

Raw Material 

It’s true that the cost of raw material is fluctuating globally at the moment and that's something we’re not in control of.  
What we are in control of is having good relationships across our supply chain where we are offered competitive pricing that we can pass onto our customers.  
Not only that, but we can ensure delivery of products too because supply and demand is another issue we’re all aware of. 


Labour is another contributing factor to add into the quote and the key here is having access to the right labour.  
Brisbane Tank Manufacturing have an outstanding team of qualified engineers, fabricators etc who we trust to do the job on time and to the required specifications.  
This has an impact on the bottom line and because we attract quality people and retain quality people that makes a big difference to what we can offer from quoting to implementation.  
We’ve built a culture over many years to ensure we have the right people in the right place to do a great job.

Hours and Deadlines

This is another area of expertise that Milton, our Estimating Manager has in-depth experience and insight around.  He quotes the job from start to finish and watches the whole project with hawk-like precision. Having someone on the ground who understands what the guys need at the coal face right through to delivering on KPIs, internally and externally allows us to win the big and small jobs and deliver expected results.

Transport & Logistics
When we need to call the transport and logistics guys and girls to truck, unload, crane in or swing off we work with highly reputable transport and logistics companies who have the right gear, professional operators who not only have experience but also follow strict health and safety protocol.  Not only does that make sense business wise, it is even more important when we want our team to go home safe every single day.

If you have a big or small job you’d like us to quote, get in touch today.