Every Element Has To Work & Not Just On Paper | Q & A With Somesh

Find out more around the important role our mechanical engineer, Somesh War; plays at Brisbane Tank Manufacturing.  With an eye for detail, skill and experience; every element has to work not just on paper but right through to manufacturing and installation.  


Somesh War


Mechanical Engineer

Somesh’s job is to: 

As a Mechanical Engineer it’s my job to take what the client has requested and design the drawings and concept that once approved by the client, goes to the fabrication team who get to work making the tanks.

How it works at Brisbane Tank Manufacturing is the client will send through an enquiry to our Estimating Manager, Milton.  Milton will gather as much information around the exact requirements for the tank manufacturing job and once that’s collected that information is passed to me.

Based on what the client needs, I use a CAD system to create the drawings which will act as the blueprint for the fabricators etc. 

There’s a lot of technical input that is going on in these first stages as well to make sure we get it right and these include details such as thickness of material and design shape etc so from concept to the actual tank manufacturing we have a strong focus on every single detail.

We basically make it happen by putting the right design for the tanks together. 

Favourite project and why?

To be honest I don’t really have a favourite project because all of them are my favourite.  Whether we’re working on a big project or a small project every job is different and has its own set of requirements and challenges.  
For smaller tanks for example, we can be faced with challenges because we have to work within a constraint so we have to come up with more ideas or solutions depending on the tank requirements.  Our commitment is always to produce and provide the right solutions and designs that work. 
From 100 litre tanks to 60,000 litre tanks each project is unique and I’m really passionate about each project no matter what size. 

Favourite piece of kit/tool/machinery and why?

My computer is my tool - it’s my bread and butter.
Using a CAD system, which is a software system designers use, it’s a very clever piece of kit us mechanical engineers can’t do without.
Being able to work remotely during these COVID times is extremely important so you could say my computer and I are never apart!

Outside of work my favourite thing to do is?

I have a 15 year old daughter who plays WD in netball and a 10 year old son who is an enthusiastic soccer player so they keep me on my toes.  Apart from that we enjoy catching up with friends and when we can, enjoying some down time.