End of Year Wrap Up with Milton Varghese

I can tell it’s the end of year fast approaching by all the functions and events the kids are starting to plan at school! All of a sudden the excitement is building as we all come to the end of another year full of different projects and lots and lots of learnings; let’s just put it that way.


Everyone must think that I’m only passionate about the numbers but of course; when you work in the tank manufacturing industry you have to be passionate about tanks and delivering expected outcomes.

That’s why the Bayer AG project stands out so much for me.

There were so many components to this project; tank manufacturing, platform modification, relocating of equipment, tank installation and pipe works.  These all have to come together with exact precision so we have to factor in man power, what gear we need at the exact time on any day and then hitting desired deadlines. 

It was a great success for everyone involved including our client; Bayer AG


There’s always challenges in the pricing game but nothing we can’t figure out.  The old saying “you’re not starting from scratch; you’re starting from experience” means our customers get great value from us from our experience from quote to concept to build and install.  

Whether we’re designing and manufacturing filtration tanks with over 500 spray nozzles and over one metre deep stones in each tank to create green waste (which was very clever we have to say) to manufacturing a 2000 litre stainless steel extraction tank to be used in the pharmaceutical industry - we have the skills to pay the bills!


Stand behind what you do, be proud of what you and the team can achieve and it’s always better together.  There’s nothing quite like receiving an objective and project overview from Tony, putting all the pieces of the puzzle together and then seeing it come to life by our skilled workforce that is so humbling and gratifying.

Looking forward to?

Playing cricket in the backyard with the kids - just hope they are too! Enjoying time with good friends and family enjoying a good old BBQ or two and just watching more cricket on the tele. Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie! 

Last words?

I know the last few years have been hard and challenging for all of us and I suppose I’m just incredibly thankful to my team here at Brisbane Tank Manufacturing where we have a good laugh, have each others backs and produce some of the best tanks around - well the best actually in my opinion.