End of Year Wrap Up With Tony Robertson

It’s that time of year when we start to reflect on the past 11 months and also start planning for the coming year.  Future proofing a business of any size and in any industry is a vital key to optimise on learnings that becomes that all important business plan and strategy. 

I want to tell you about some of my highlights this year - what have been some of our best achievements, some challenges (not one to say low lights), what we’ve learnt along the way and what I’m most looking forward to in the coming months.


Has to be our Ecolab project.  That was a massive project but one that we’re all very proud of, not just me.

Our job was to design and build the 15,000 litre tank but alongside that we also had to design and build the reactor to go with it.  With such technically advanced requirements it was not only all hands on deck; but all brains switched on and firing on all cylinders.  The outcome was incredibly satisfying and I’ve very proud of the whole team who gave their absolute best which to be fair - they do on every project.


Like most businesses; the ongoing challenges around Covid were still around from supply and demand, costs, people … but I think it has made us sharper and more aware of what running a fully productive and efficient organisation looks like.  You have to be able to bob and weave in business and it’s created a more resilient and sustainable workforce. I think we have greater confidence in our ability to navigate anything.


Appreciate your people and the work they do is imperative to overall success and should go without saying if I’m honest.  Recognise what is going well and change what isn’t but do it quickly and do it ethically.  

Looking forward to?

A bloody good break! Having a couple of weeks down time over Christmas is just what everyone needs.  Time with the family, maybe a bit of reno work around the house and if I’m  lucky a trip away in the caravan with the wife and kids.  Those are the times I appreciate the most.

Last words?

From the bottom of my heart; I want to thank my team and all our valuable costumes who trust us to to a great job with their designing and tank manufacturing and tank installation.  Steel fabricating and tank manufacturing is in our blood and we feel very grateful that we’re trusted to do a first class job.