BTM - Project & People Profile 2022 - Part One

At Brisbane Tank Manufacturing we’re all about celebrating the big and small wins.

That’s why the next two blogs we’ll be showcasing some of our smartest (you could possibly even say sophisticated) projects of 2022 and our awesome team achievements as we share some highlights over the last year or so;

Here’s to 2022 - you have taught us more lessons, bonded us even closer together because you can’t say the last few years haven’t been challenging but we are grateful for all the good moments too. So with both eyes focused on the glass half full let’s take a look back with thanks:

  1. Not only do we design and manufacture tanks of all different shapes and sizes; but we also install.  This takes years of experience, planning, knowledge and insight and this particular installation was done in a confined space so that’s never easy.  To ensure precision, efficiency and safety a small crane was used to stand the tank and get the job done to perfection. 

2. We’re slightly obsessed when it comes to all things tank and also 316 grade stainless steel. 


Because we are totally OCD about quality and innovation.  Here’s an example of that obsession - our in-house manufactured dimple plate.  Dimple plate helps create or slow down a reaction happening in a tank and it’s pretty much as good as it gets around control and management for this type of project. 

3. Big or small, we do it all and these storage mixing tanks are a right pair of beautiful tanks aren’t they?

Each holding 60,000 litres they’re installed with a platform and ladder that will hold them connected forever.  We’d like to think they keep each other company on site, having a bit of a banter like our awesome crew whilst still doing a top job.  High five to you two 7 metre beauts - go you good things!

4. When it comes to quality assurance, we’re at the top of the game.  As part of our quality assurance every single tank gets tested for leaks before they leave our site.

A dye penetrant is used to test and assess much like a pre qualification process; we stand behind every tank that leaves our workshop and that’s a good feeling. 

Brisbane Tank Manufacturing have been in the business since 1999.  We’ve proven time and time again that we can design, manufacture and deliver quality products and services when it comes to a huge range of tank manufacturing jobs.  

Better still; we love what we do and we’re here to keep doing a top job for every single one of our clients.  Hats off to the awesome crew here at Brisbane Tank Manufacturing. Want to find out more? Contact us here