BTM - Project & People Profile 2022 - Part Two

As we approach the holiday season; there’s always something to celebrate and we think our people are a huge part of our celebration. Oh and the tanks of course.  We all know it’s been a year coming out of Covid lockdowns and other restrictions and then we had the floods but there’s always something to be grateful for.  

Here’s to ending off 2022 on a high with reflections and thanks as we look forward to a brand New Year with our good bunch here at BTM. 

  1. We have some wickedly talented people at BTM and Paul is one of them.  He’s a master craftsman when it comes to welding and his focus and exceptional eye for detail ensures our tanks are second to none when it comes to strength and ultimate quality.  First class and we take our hats and our welding masks off to you for the top job you always do Paul.

2. Let’s talk tanks and in this instance; medical tanks. As we’ve said before and we will continue to say, BTM manufactures and fabricates some extremely innovative and clever tanks.  That includes some complicated and highly engineered medical tanks like this one. Here’s some of this tanks awesome traits;

  • It’s fully insulated for controlled temperature environment
  • It’s manufactured from Duplex 2205 stainless steel 
  • It uses a system called reverse osmosis which is a filtration system for purification purposes

Where did she go? This 400 litre beauty is now with a pharmaceutical company to support their sterilisation department.  Isn’t she just the best! 

3. It’s important to us at Brisbane Tank Manufacturing that we’re providing great jobs for people in our community.  That’s why we invest in our apprentices and their future. 

We have some of the best welders around and they pass down those skills to the next generation. Our wonderful tradesmen not only teach and coach them how to weld; they create craftsman who not only have the skills but also the right winning attitude and we think that makes all the difference.  Proud of the young guns and our older pros every single day.

4. Last, but not least - we just want to say a huge thank you to everyone at BTM once again for your amazing dedication and commitment to each other, our clients and our company.

It goes without saying that none of this can be achieved without the hard work and first class service from everyone from the back end right through to delivery and installation

We have the best team around and we’ve very proud of every single one of you.  Thank you 

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