There's No One Size Fits All When It Comes To Tank Manufacturing - Part 1

In our next two blogs we’re going to give you an overview of all the tanks we manufacture here at Brisbane Tank Manufacturing; what they’re used to store, what industries they apply to and examples of who we have manufactured them for.

As you can tell our “Let’s Talk Tanks” and not just any tanks but quality tanks, is our passion and purpose so let’s get talking all the different sorts of tanks we do. 

Storage Tanks

What are they used for?

Storage tanks come in all different sizes so we can design and manufacture any size for any industry.

We work to your requirements and configure what you need from your requested specifications.  We like to gather as much information as possible as part of the R & D phase so we maximise optimisation and functionality for your storage tank needs. 

What we also do to save you time, money and the headache is regularly audit and inspect your storage tanks to allow for continued and sustained performance; going the extra mile to ensure you tanks are delivering on optimisation and functionality well into the future.  We can also reconfigure during the monitoring process if required.

Used to store?

Our tanks are used across these industries;

  • Dairy 

  • Food and beverage

  • Brewery

  • Hospitality

  • Mining 

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Industrial 

  • Chemical

So in a nutshell; we have manufactured storage tanks for a wide variety of industries and uses from storing beer to milk and everything in between. 

Who have we done storage tanks for?

Check out this little beauty - one of our newly completed CIP (Cleaning in Process) storage tank on its way to one of our many happy food manufacturing clients. This fully insulated tank will hold caustic cleaning fluid to clean our clients tanks and product pipelines. Let’s get down to some serious storage tank business! 

Mixing Tanks

What are they used for?

Mixing tanks mix liquids and other components to create the desired product e.g think wine fermenting.  There are a lot of features and detail that goes into every single mixing tank because each tank has a unique requirement and specification.

As part of this chemical process; mixing tanks will typically have separate components for input and a separate output components.

The types of mixing tanks we manufacture here at BTM are;

  • Large diameter tanks

  • ASME code or non-code

  • Jacketed tanks

  • Carbon steel or stainless steel

We also provide quality control inspection and testing during installation and ongoing. 

Our customised mixing tanks are used across the following industries;

  • Food

  • Dairy

  • Beer 

  • Wine fermenting and storing

  • Cosmetic 

  • Pharmaceutical and more

Who have we done mixing tanks for?

Check out these “twinning” chemical mixing tanks we designed and installed for Ecolab; a global leading organisation specialising in water, hygiene, and infection provention solutions.

To say we’re proud of these mixing tanks (and of course all our mixing tanks) is an understatement.  If you’d like to find out more about this Ecolab project take a read of Tony’s blog here as this is one of his personal favourites. Mixing Tanks

Balance Tanks

What are they used for?

Customising balance tanks is another one of our specialities at BTM.  We design, manufacture and install balance tanks across of range of industries from dairy to pharmaceutical and chemical. 

Balance tanks have the job of keeping product at a constant level; that monitors this level that maintains the balance tank volume.

Special features include:

  • Float assemblies

  • Steam inject for CIP

  • Sloping bottom

  • Vortex breakers

Balance tanks are used across a variety of industries such as;

  • Dairy

  • Chemical

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Brewery

  • Food

Who have we designed and manufactured balance tanks for?

Drum roll please because this balance tank for Carlton & United Breweries really is top notch.  The welding detail on this is outstanding and of course; you can only achieve excellence when you have excellent welders, fabricators, designers and installers. 

In our next blog we’ll talk to you more about our quality fuel storage tanks, pressure vessels and frac tanks.  At Brisbane Tank Manufacturing we have the technical know-how and experience to create pretty much any tank you need across a wide range of applications and we’re proud of our reputation in the tank manufacturing industry. Let’s talk tanks.