Our Stand-Out Tank Manufacturing Projects So Far for 2023 - Part 1

The year has already started off with some awesome projects here at Brisbane Tank Manufacturing so we’re about to show you our latest and greatest 2023 projects so far and as always, highlight our highly skilled, professional team too.

Smashing out a pressure vessel for Glencore

First up on the bragging board, is a project we did for Glencore. 

Glencore is a metals and minerals mining company not only in Australia, but around the world too in countries from South America to Asia. It’s a real honour to manufacture tanks and work with such a highly regarded global organisation  who put their trust in us to do an expert job.  

Once again our boys excelled themselves on this pressure vessel manufacturing project which was a real test of their knowledge and expertise. 

What is a pressure vessel?

Pressure vessels are tanks or containers that are used for the containment of gasses or liquids at a higher pressure than the ambient pressure which is basically the pressure that surrounds the vessel. 

They can come in many shapes and sizes and the most common pressure vessels include spherical, cylinder and cone-shaped sections. These vessels are typically made from materials such as stainless steel, fibreglass or plastics which are able to withstand high levels of pressure. For this project we used high grade stainless steel for a top quality result. 

Small but mighty sterilisation tank

She might be small but you know what they say; great things come in small packages and this little beauty packs a big punch.  Used in a hospital sterilisation department this tank is made from duplex stainless steel.  

What is duplex stainless steel and why should it be used in this type of application?

It has twice the strength and durability of regular stainless steel.  This makes it ideal for projects and applications such as this hospital sterilisation project where robustness and resistance to any “wear and tear” is an absolute must. 

It also has anti-corrosion properties that make it well-suited for this type of environment with highly corrosive elements like salt water or chemicals.

Giving one of our tanks a new lease of life

It’s so cool here at Brisbane Tank Manufacturing when we can give older tanks a complete makeover and a new lease of life.  We don’t just build beautiful new tanks, we restore and rejuvenate older tanks too and everyone agrees it’s just as rewarding.

Here you can see the boys are cleverly and expertly removing the tank and relocating her back to our workshops all ready to be preened and primed for an upgrade and facelift before she heads off to her new role feeling brand new. 

You might not be able to teach old dogs new tricks but you can definitely upgrade a beautiful tank when you have the skills and talent like we do!

Are you in need of a tank? Let’s talk tanks. At Brisbane Tank Manufacturing, we offer tank design and manufacturing services and provide technical support throughout the entire process, from install to ongoing maintenance. Reach out today to learn more about our products and services!