Cheers To That - Our Brewery Tanks Deliver The Goods

We feel very privileged to work on a large variety of tank projects and every single one of them have certain requirements, industry standards and more.  In our next blog we’re going to talk about a couple of tanks we have designed and manufactured for brewery operations and what makes them tick.

Balance tanks are used for brewing storage operations, and here at our fabrication facility, we proudly design and build them to deliver and install all over Australia. These tanks typically come with either side pipe or centre pipe manifolds, and they can have either a closed or open top. On top of each tank sits an access screw cap that allows access to the inside of the tank.

Check out this sophisticated unit being lashed onto a flat deck all ready to be delivered to her lucky new owners.  We’ll proudly cheers to that!

Brewery Fermenting Tanks | That’s What We’re Talking About

At Brisbane Tank Manufacturing not only do we design and build storage tanks for breweries we also design and build the fermenting tanks too.  You can taste the difference we like to think with our professional crafted fermenting tanks. They are real works of art and bring a whole other layer to what we offer in the way of tank manufacturing. 

Fermentation tanks, or FVs (sometimes referred to as fermenters or fermentors), are essential pieces of equipment for any brewery. 

They are the vessels where wort is held as it beautifully transforms into beer during the fermentation process. Home brewers and large manufacturers alike rely on fermentation tanks to make delicious beer!  As you can see here our fermenting tanks here are on a much larger scale than your home brew type of gig and their slick and master crafted set up and install is as pretty as any picture we like to think. 

Common materials used for making fermentation tanks include stainless steel and aluminium. Stainless steel is often the preferred option since it is highly durable and easy to clean while not reacting with the beer in any way. 

We make sure all our fermentation tanks work well under pressure - literally!

Are you in need of customised brewery tanks? 

Brisbane Tank Manufacturing can provide the perfect solution for your needs. Our team of experts specialise in designing and manufacturing any type of storage or fermentation tank, with a level of craftsmanship that guarantees quality results. From installation to ongoing maintenance, our team will be available to assist and provide technical support. 

Get in touch today to see how we can help you get just the tank solution you need!