Check Out Our Family of Balance Tanks!

We’re so proud of our wee family of balance tanks for CIP within the food industry and from the proud Daddy to the rest of the clan; we’re very proud of the workmanship and detail that has gone into every single one of them.  They certainly set the standard with it comes to ensuring it’s up to scratch and hits every one of the stringent food grade standards. 

What are balance tanks and what are they used for?

Balance tanks are essential components in various industries, including water treatment and swimming pool maintenance. Their primary function is to maintain a constant level of product above a pump inlet. For instance, in swimming pools, balance tanks ensure that the water level remains consistent. 

These tanks come in different designs, such as those with side or centre pipes, and can be either open or closed at the top. Additionally, an access screw cap is usually located on the tank's top for easy maintenance.

Key benefits of balance tanks in the food industry

Balance tanks play a crucial role in maintaining the quality of water used in the food industry. These tanks ensure that the water is continuously cleaned, and any sediments that settle at the bottom are removed at set intervals. 

The tanks achieve this by taking clean water from the centre of the tank and releasing sediments through a discharge chute using a pneumatic valve. 

With balance tanks, food manufacturers can be confident that their water quality is up to scratch and under control.

Key benefits of Brisbane Tank Manufacturing for your balance tanks

Here’s a few key benefits when you use Brisbane Tank Manufacturing for your balance tanks:

  • Experience - Brisbane Tank Manufacturing has been around and doing exceptional tanks since 1999; that’s over 20 years! That means you can trust our highly professional and expert team to do a top job and know what they’re doing from scope to install and beyond

  • What do we mean by beyond? That means we will take care of all your tanks, including your balance tanks for their lifetime. We want to make sure you have a tank on site that will do its job and keep doing its job and our maintenance service is second to none in ensuring your operation runs smoothly 24/7

  • You have a go to team on hand - from Tony our CEO to our guys and girls on the shop floor we have an immense sense of pride and ownership when it comes to our tanks.  We don’t take ourselves too seriously but what we do take seriously is the job that our tanks and our people have to do.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Brisbane Tank Manufacturing offers a range of technical solutions and products to meet your needs, including balance tanks. Our team of experts can provide timely quotes, consulting services, precision engineering, efficient design, and professional installation and on going maintenance to ensure that your project is completed to the highest standards. 

You can trust us to get the job done right every single time.  It’s time to talk tanks with Brisbane Tank Manufacturing.